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Nashville Parks and Recreation

The Nashville Parks and Recreation Commission is composed of seven (7) citizens, five who reside inside the City Limits of Nashville and two who reside in Howard County.  Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority vote of the City Council.  

The Nashville Parks & Recreation Commission currently employs five full time and four part time staff and manages approximately 165 acres of park land and facilities.

Nashville Parks & Recreation Commission

Position 1 (expires Jan. 2017)    Deborah Marshall
Position 2 (expires Jan. 2017)    Jason Harrison   
Position 3 (expires Jan. 2015)    Donny Woods     
Position 4 (expires Jan. 2018)    Steve Tate
Position 5 (expires Jan. 2016)    Dale Patrick (Vice Chair)
Position 6 (expires Jan. 2016)    Freddie Horne (Chair)
Position 7 (expires Jan. 2017)    Lesley White

Emeritus Commissioners (20 years of service)
Jim Graves
James Reed
Bobby Keaster
Deb Kinkade

Nashville Parks & Recreation Staff

Mark Dale, Director Cell:  870.200.5959 Email
Christy Flaherty, Administrative Assistant  Office:  870.845.7405 Email:
JR Witherspoon, Maintenance Supervisor Cell:  870.557.0299 Email:
Zach Hupp, Recreational Supervisor Cell:  870.845.7796 Email:

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