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City Clerk
1.  How do I contact the Cooperative Extension Service of Howard County?

Call 870-845-7517

2.  How do I contact the County Health Office?

Call 870-845-2208

3.  How do I contact the local office of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department?

Call 870-845-1469

4.  What do I need to do to obtain a Building permit?

You will need to submit the following site plan information before a building permit can be issued.

1.  Name, address, and phone number of applicant.

2.  Name, address, and phone number of owner.

3.  Name of electrician if you do not live in the building.

4.  Name of plumber if you do not live in the building.

5.  Name of mechanical contractor if you do not live in the building.

6.  Address of building site.

7.  Draw lot and give dimensions.

8.  Show size and placement of existing buildings.

9.  Show size and placement of proposed buildings.

10.  Show how far building set back from lot lines.

11.  Show parking existing and proposed.

12.  Show ingress and egress.

13.  Give information about proposed use of building.

14.  Show where water and sewer will enter the building.

15.  Show where electrical will enter the building.

16.  Show drainage for the lot if applicable.

17.  Show location of garbage pickup.

18.  Do you request garbage bins?  How many? (Commercial Use Only)

19.  Number of pickups requested per week.  (Commercial Use Only)

20.  Locate any and all utilities that cross the property.

21.  Two sets of drawings to be submitted to Code Enforcement Office.


Contact Jerry Harwell 870-845-7944 for further information.

5.  Who do I contact with a water or sewer problem at my home?

Nashville Water Works at 870-845-1440 or Nashville Public Works at 870-845-4015.

6.  What is the phone number to the Howard County Public Library?


7.  How do I obtain a 911 address?

Nashville Code Enforcement Officer Jerry Harwell will assign a 911
address to you once he has received the information about where the
property is located.  You may reach Jerry Harwell at 870-845-7944.

8.  How do I get in touch with the Cable TV office?

Sudden Link is the local provider.  They can be reached at 1-877-423-2743. 

9.  When is the Social Security Representative in town?

Social Security representative will no longer be coming to Nashville.
Their automated telephone # 1-800-772-1213, their online services
website is

10.  How do I contact the Nashville Chamber of Commerce?

Phone 845-1262

Nashville Police Department
11.  On New Year's Eve, if I have had too much to drink and am afraid to drive will an officer escort me home?

On New Year's Eve, a lot of people will celebrate and consume alcoholic
beverages at parties, friends' homes, etc.  If you feel you have
consumed too much alcohol or know someone who has and they need
transportation within the City of Nashville, contact the Nashville
Police Department.  The Nashville officers, if available, will provide

12.  Does the City of Nashville have a curfew?

mayor, at any time a condition has arisen or is imminent which in his
judgment constitutes a civil disturbance, riot, insurrection or time of
local disaster, may declare a state of emergency and impose a curfew for
such time and for such areas as he deems necessary to meet such


There is a curfew for juveniles, any person seventeen (17) or less
years of age to be or remain in or upon the streets within the City of
Nashville at night during the period ending at 5:00am and beginning:

(a)  At midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, and

(b)  10:00pm on all other nights.


Exceptions to the juvenile curfew would include:

(a)  When accompanied by a parent of such minor.

(b)  When accompanied by an adult, at least twenty-one (21) years of
age, who is authorized by a parent to accompany the minor for a
designated period of time and purpose with a specified area.

(c)  When exercising First Amendment rights protected by the United
States Constitution, such as the free exercise of religion, freedom of
speech and the right of such exercise by delivering to the Chief of
Police a written communication signed by the juvenile and the parent.

(d)  In cases of reasonable necessity for a juvenile remaining on the
streets, but only after the juvenile's parent has communicated to the
Chief of Police.

(e)  When returning home from and within one (1) hour after the
termination of a school or city sponsored activity, or an activity of a
religious or other voluntary association.

(f)  When engaging in the duties of bona fide employment or traveling
without undue delay or detour from home to the place of employment, or
from the place of employment to the home.

(g)  When the minor is in a motor vehicle for the purpose of
interstate travel, whether through, beginning or ending in Nashville.

13.  How do I add information to my police report?

Any additions to a police report should be made to the investigating officer of the incident.

14.  From whom can I obtain a copy of a police report?

occurring inside the City Limits are obtained from the Nashville Police
Department.  Offenses occurring outside the City Limits are obtained
from the Howard County Sheriff's Department.

15.  How do I find out if someone has been arrested?

of arrests are made at the Howard County Sheriff's Department, located
at 101 Isaac Perkins Boulevard, Nashville, Arkansas, 71852 or call

16.  How do I find out if I have a misdemeanor warrant?

Inquiries of warrants may be made at the Nashville Police Department or the Howard County Sheriff's Department.

17.  How can I request a traffic accident report?

occurring within the Nashville City Limits are obtained from the
Nashville Police Department.  Accidents occurring outside the Nashville
City Limits are obtained from the Howard County Sheriff's Department or
the District Court Clerk's Office. 

18.  Where do I pay for my traffic citation?

for traffic citations are made through the District Court Clerk's
Office, located at 426 North Main Street Suite #7, Nashville, Arkansas,
71852, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  Payments after
business hours may be made at the Howard County Sheriff's Department.

19.  When and Where is District Court held?

District Court Room is located at 426 North Main Street.  Court is held
on Thursdays at 1:30pm with the exception of holidays or scheduled
District Court conferences.

20.  I
am scheduled for a court appearance in District Court and, because of
an emergency, I am not able to attend. What should I do?

Requests for rescheduling court appearances are made through the District Court Clerk's Office.

21.  My vehicle was impounded. What happens now?

a City Officer impounds the vehicle, contact the Nashville Police
Department.  When the vehicle is impounded by County or State officers,
contact the Howard County Sheriff's Department, located in Nashville,
Arkansas; or the Arkansas State Police, located in Hope, Arkansas.

22.  I will be out of town for a week. Will the Police watch my home?

Yes.  A "Request to Watch" may be directed to the Nashville Police Department or the Howard County Sheriff's Department.

23.  I've locked myself out of my car. Can the Police send someone to help me get into it?

a general rule, we do no respond to persons having locked themselves
out of their vehicles.  Officers are not allowed to use "slim jims" or
"flat bars."  The best persons to call in such cases are those who have a
key, a tow truck, or an emergency auto service provider.  We will only
respond to a locked vehicle in those cases where a small child is locked
in the vehicle or where some other threat to a person exists. 

24.  If weather conditions of snow or ice hindered my ability to get to work or the grocery store, would an officer escort me?

Please be aware that these requests are handled by the Nashville Police
Department and the Howard County Sheriff's Department on a time and manpower available basis and we cannot guarantee that officers will be able to meet every request.

Nashville, Arkansas Animal Control Shelter
25.  Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?

Control is located south of Nashville, just past Western Sizzlin.  Turn
into the Waste Treatment Plant. (physical address is 733 Hwy 27 Bypass)


Our mailing address is:

City of Nashville

Animal Control

426 North Main Street

Nashville, AR 71852


Our Phone Number is 870-845-7414

Our Fax Number is 870-845-0227

Email address is


Our hours of operation:

Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30 pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday

Stripmap to Shelter
26.  Where in Nashville are you located?

Nashville1South of Nashville. On Hwy 27 Bypass. Between Western Sizzlin & Smith Animal Hospital.

Office of the Mayor
27.  What day is the Driver's Test given and whom do I contact for more information?

Driver's Test is given on Mondays unless it is a holiday.  Normally,
the written part of the exam is given from 9am until Noon with the
driving portion of the exam being given from 1pm until
4pm.  Information and testing will be available in the Municipal Court
Room, 426 North Main, Nashville, Arkansas. 


Study Manuals may be picked up from the Nashville Police Department
or the Howard County Sheriff's Office.  If you need further information,
contact the Arkansas State Police Headquarters at 870-777-4641.

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